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Eduard Slinin: The History of Limousines

The idea of a chauffeured vehicle dates back to the 1700s when the wealthy traveled in horse drawn carriages, ornately decorated. Today, limousines are not just for the rich and famous; they are designed to carry large numbers of people to and from all sorts of events and occasions and to meet diverse travel needs. The limousine has come a long way since its inception. Business leaders, such as Eduard Slinin, owner and founder of Corporate Transportation Group, have been instrumental in advancing the different uses of limousine services.

New technologies and the various types of stretch cars available nowadays have revolutionized the way we think and view chauffeured car services today. Ground transportation businesses, like the one founded by Eduard Slinin, offer a variety of stretch limos to choose from, including party buses, hummers, SUVs, and even hybrid cars. The possibilities are endless.

In the U.S., as well as many other countries, usage and popularity of limousine services have drastically increased due to the convenience, comfort, style, and affordability that virtually anyone can now enjoy. Chauffeured car services are ideal for many purposes, including special events like weddings, birthday celebrations and bachelor parties. But, they are also perfect for vacations, attending sporting events and concerts, and a night out on the town. Recent trends, such as no drinking and driving policies, have also placed greater emphasis on modes of transportation that have built-in designated drivers. Limo drivers can get large numbers of people where they want to go with the ease of having a knowledgeable and competent driver at the wheel; it is a worry-free and hassle-free way to travel.

The first stretch limousine came about in Arkansas in 1928 and was made popular by big band leaders who used them to carry their orchestras and instruments. In the 1930s, the idea of chauffeured limousines became common among movie stars, as well as a way to transport hotel guests to and from the airport. Leaders with a vision saw the possibility for success with the potential for market niches that needed to be filled. Eduard Slinin, for instance, began his company in 1982, catering to Corporate America, as well as private individuals. Luxury cars aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore. The average citizen can enjoy the same style and comfort the President of the United States enjoys.

The purpose of chauffeured transportation has dramatically changed since the 1700s. Today, virtually anyone can rent a limousine for pretty much any transportation need conceivable. New technologies have simplified the process of renting a limousine and tracking its usage. It’s no wonder that limousine services have become so popular with business professionals and large corporation, who are short on time and need reliable transportation, fast! Ground transportation companies, especially in metropolitan areas, have become a high demand commodity.

Business leaders like Eduard Slinin have been able to capitalize on the idea that anyone can travel in style and comfort. Gone are the days when traveling in luxury was reserved for the wealthy.

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