Ed Slinin: Types of Limousines


The term limousine refers to a luxury vehicle that is normally longer than the average car and is driven by a chauffeur. Limousines are conventionally black or white, but there are a number of companies that customize limousines, producing them in various trendy colors, shapes, and amenities – to include jacuzzis and hot tubs. Limousines are often associated with power ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: How to Make this New Years a Night to Remember


New Years Eve in New York City means Times Square, the Ball Drop, and celebrating at midnight. But it can also mean waiting in the Square for five hours, freezing in the cold, and ending up stuck behind four incredibly tall guys right when midnight arrives, preventing you from seeing the big moment. If you don’t think that that sounds ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: Luxury Vehicles Grow Larger for Larger Groups


When it comes to renting vehicles, a limousine used to be the ultimate choice for luxury. Times are changing, however, and it is becoming more and more common for larger groups to need a rental that is not only capable of transporting everyone in the group, but that is also as luxurious as a traditional limousine. For this reason, luxury ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: Limousines Service is for Everybody


There has long been a stigma that limousines are only for special occasions or for the rich and the famous. This notion, however, is no longer true. More and more people are using limousine rentals as a convenient mode of everyday travel. Limousines have become the travel mode of choice for everybody needing a ride. Ed Slinin says that in ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: Self-Driven Cars and the Limousine Service Industry


At the end of August, Nissan announced that it would be ready to sell a self-driven car by the year 2020. As the sixth largest automotive retailer in America, this announcement comes with some big expectations for consumers and some changes for the transportation industry. Self-driven cars and the limousine service industry are sure to make some major changes when ... Read More »

Edward Slinin On What Makes A Limo A “Limo”

With so many ways to meet your travel needs, it’s no wonder that the transportation industry is chock full of different options.  Whether you are looking to go on the cheap, travel long distances without flying, or attempting to move your stuff from here to there, the options are many based on your needs.  While advertising for these services can ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: Tips for Touring

Going on a vacation is fun and exciting, but it can also be nerve wracking. There are many obstacles involved in going out of town. Knowing some great tips for touring will make your trip much more convenient and fun. There is nothing worse than a disaster while on vacation, and Ed Slinin can help to make your next trip ... Read More »

Standing In Line To Be First: Ed Slinin Talks New Car Tech

When the automobile was invented, no one knew just how big of an impact it would have on humanity.  Originally only a toy for the super rich, the development of the assembly line revolutionized the production of cars, and made them cheap enough for the general public to afford.  By the 1950’s, cars were everywhere, and since then, automobile technology ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: Ideas for an Unforgettable Summer Anniversary

Many weddings take place in the summer, and that means that many anniversaries occur during the summer months in the years to come. Making an anniversary special is something that can be difficult, but with these ideas for an unforgettable summer anniversary you will know that you are planning the best possible way to celebrate your relationship and your love. ... Read More »

Eduard Slinin: Running a Successful Business

There are various reasons why someone would want to start a business. It may be for financial independence, creative freedom, or dissatisfaction in a present position. Whatever the reason, in order to run a successful business, there are some key traits business owners and entrepreneurs share. Successful business tycoons like Eduard Slinin are confident and determined people. They are willing ... Read More »